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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are you located?
Tenerife - Canry Island.
But I do not work alone, and part of the team I'm counting on is located in Valencia (Spain) and Torquay (UK)
Q. Will you relocate?
I work remotely, and I'm usually temporarily located in different parts of the world.
Q. What is your availability?
My availability is absolute, luckily, I have a work team with which to manage new projects, and we work in an agile way to be able to give him the love that his project deserves.
Q. Are you available for full-time work?
Yes and no. we can work with you continuously for months, even years together but only on freelance basis.
Q. Can you come down to our office for a few days?
Yes! It depends on your location and the needs of the project.
Q. Do you work alone or do you have a team with you?
Luckily, with a small multidisciplinary team, you can carry out any part of your project.


Q. What is your hourly rate?
We charge for our expertise and effort; not for my time. So, we don't charge hourly, only fixed price. Rest assured that 'll do what I say even if we have to work late hours to achieve it.
Q. What is your design process?
You can read about it here.
Q. Will you sign NDA?
Of course, if the project requires an NDA we agree, and we will proceed to sign it
Q. Will you do a paid test job?
I completely understand you'd be comfortable if you could see my design for a small portion of your app/website before engaging with me for the full project. Also, by this way, both We would evaluate the project, and if we feel that both parties would feel more comfortable with a test job it would be carried out. According to the hours that it takes to make this test we would agree if it is payment or free.
Q. What are your deliverables?
Brand identity:
  • Logo (in EPS, PDF/PNG/SVG formats)
  • Brand guidelines (in PDF format)

  • Websites:
  • Wireframes (in PDF format)
  • Page/screen mockups (in Affinity Designer's .afdesign format and if you really need, in semi-editable PSD format).
  • Image/icon assets (in PNG/SVG format).v
  • Style guide that specifies the dimensions, colors and typography (in PDF format).
  • HTML and CSS of the website/page/component.

  • Q. What tools do you use?
  • Sketch App.
  • Marvel for prototyping using wireframes.
  • Wordpress.

  • HTML and CSS for the final build.
  • Say hello.

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